Walking the Cotswolds
Winchcombe is widely known as the walking capital of the Cotswolds and is a member of the national "Walkers are Welcome" network. The "Winchcombe Welcomes Walkers" organisation runs an annual walking festival and provides a wide range of information, routes etc. Contact website: www.winchcombewelcomeswalkers.com

The Winchcombe Way
The Winchcombe Way is a new 42-mile figure-of-eight trail centred on Winchcombe. The way marked trail is designed to show walkers the hidden gems of the northern Cotswolds.  Read more about the Winchcombe Way.  

Town Walks
An ideal way to find discover some of the fascinating history of our ancient town is to join a FREE guided town walk. The walks, which take place at 11am and 2.30pm every Sunday afternoon (between April and October) are short and and are designed to be accessible to all. Each walk is less than a mile, on pavements around the town centre and usually take a little over an hour. They are all led by locals who are keen to share their enthusiasm for this lovely town. Click here for details.

Winchcombe Walkers

A relaxed group of people who meet on the last Thursday in the month for a walk of 5/8 miles.  Click here for details.

Riverside Path

Winchcombe has a new riverside path, initiated by Winchcombe Welcomes Walkers Group.  The path offers  a pleasant riverside stroll which can be enjoyed by walkers of all abilities.  It is ideal for pushchairs, wheelchair users and older less mobile people and is approximately a 1 mile circular route, just 3 minutes from town.

A lealet is available from the Tourist Information Centre as well as a RADAR key, which disabled people can use to open the gate on the path.

Click leaflet for further details.