Kissing Gate

Kissing Gate vs Stile?

Kissing Gate vs Stile?

A suggestion has been made that people might be prepared to ‘Donate-a-Gate’ in the same way that benches have been generously given in the past in memory of a loved one in the Kissing Gate vs Stile? initiative.  No contest, right?

Winchcombe Walkers are Welcome (WWaW) would like to take up this idea by installing kissing gates in the place of local stiles.  Kissing gates are much easier to negotiate – no more struggling with high steps and wobbling posts!  WWaW will manage the scheme.

The Cotswold Voluntary Wardens will install the gates free of charge.  These gates are lamb-proof, dog friendly and are expected to last for over 40 years.  They cost £370 each (inc VAT).

Would you like to contribute a kissing gate?  There are a number of popular footpaths that would benefit from this scheme.  If you would like to help improve these rights of way for people who have trouble with stiles then please get in touch with WWaW;

Tel: 01242 602325

Of course, you may want to share the cost amongst a small group of friends/relatives.  In this case, please note that WWaW will need one contact point and one payment, so simply decide who is to be your spokesperson.

Let us know where you would like the gate to be and we will ask the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens to contact the landowner for permission.  If it is a ‘yes’, the Wardens will do the rest.  A small plaque cold be added bearing 10/12 words to the gate if required.

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