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Parrots, Pistols & Philanthropy

The Extraordinary Life & Times of Countess of Ranfurly 1913-2001

The life and times of Hermione, Countess of Ranfurly recounted at her childhood home, Postlip Hall.
A talk on behalf of International Book Aid by Christine Lindop.

When something needed doing, Hermione Llewellyn got on with it. When she was forbidden to take her beloved pet mice to the new family home, she found an unorthodox solution to the problem. When tragedy and financial disaster ripped her family apart, she learned to excel at selling gas cookers. When the army deported her from Cairo in wartime, she travelled the length of Africa alone to return to the man she loved. And when as the wife of Lord Ranfurly, Governor General of the Bahamas, she met people so poor that they had nothing but old telephone directories to read, she resolved to do something about it – a decision that would ultimately change millions of lives around the world.

Learn more about this amazing woman in ‘Parrots, pistols and philanthropy: the extraordinary life and times of Hermione, Countess of Ranfurly’, a talk by Christine Lindop on behalf of Book Aid International.

FREE Event
Saturday 24th February, 
Doors: 6:30pm
Curtain: 7:30pm

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