St Kenelm Miracle Play & Walk

St Kenelm Miracle Play & Walk

St Kenelm Miracle Play & Walk

St.  Kenelm’s day  falls in July each year,  2019 marks 1200 years since the events which inspired the legend took place.

The St Kenelm Miracle Play will take place on Sunday 21 July 2019.

St Kenelm Miracle Play & WalkThe play tells the story of Winchcombe’s own boy saint who was cruelly murdered in the 9th century by his tutor on the orders of his sister …or so the legend goes!  Add to this a dove which flies all the way to Rome with a scroll with gold writing, a tug of war by two monks and a disappointed lover and you have the makings of a cracking yarn.

The play was written by  Winchcombe resident, Cressida Pryor , drawing on historical references going  back as far as Geofrey Chaucer.  All the actors are local people and we are looking now for new cast members!  if you would like to be involved, please e-mail

To celebrate this important anniversary, local group Marking the Year would like to call on local residents to get involved in a series of events.   Watch this space for more information as it happens!

Check out our History page and watch the video of a previous production of the  St Kenelm Miracle Play

The twelfth century historian William of Malmesbury wrote of the pilgrimage to Winchcombe which took place annually on 17 July to honour St Kenelm birth date:

‘The little saint’s body is solemnly revered and hardly anywhere else in England is venerated by a greater throng of people attending a festival’

By the time William of Malmesbury wrote this, the legend of St Kenelm had developed separately to the known facts of his and his family’s life. As the legend grew it becomes increasingly clear that the community in Winchcombe no longer knew that Quenthryth, the ‘wicked scheming older sister’ of the legend had in fact been their Abbey’s first Abbess, or perhaps they did not want to acknowledge then that a woman could hold such a high position of importance within the community.

Despite the variance from historical events as we now understand them, the ancient legend of St Kenelm has a power and human focus reflecting dilemmas that are still relevant today.


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