Winchcombe Live

More cosy nights for Winchcombe Live at The White Hart during the Autumn through to Spring of next year.

Autumn, a season of mellow music, will soon be with us! Our scouts have been out hunting the best Roots, Blues and Americana music so that we can help banish any fall of the leaf depression that may be pointing in your direction. We asked you to point out any acts that deserved to perform for us, and, without exception, they were all great. Some we heard a few years ago, and then weren’t all that impressed, but their talent has developed,  and they are now on the “must have” list for future years.

As you know, we limit the number of returning acts, so this season we planned that there will be just the two:  the Jigantics/Sons of the Delta on October 20th, and Brooks Williams on  December 15th. Both acts received excellent feedback after their previous performances. But.. the Jigantics have a new line up, and one of them couldn’t make that date. So, after a bit of head scratching, we thought there might be a possibility for a gig featuring the guys that play in both the Jigs and Sons of the Delta. But it will give you the chance to hear Cajun, Zydeco, Delta Blues and more mainstream Americana, all on the same night!  I guess they will be billed as the Sons of the Jigantics!

Brooks will be the only soloist on this year’s listing, and we are very pleased to welcome back this most amiable, and capable, of American musicians to entertain us. Last year he also gave a few lessons to our local musos on the day after the event in an enjoyable workshop session.  If enough of you are interested, it could happen again, if we can raise enough funds…

Splitting those two is Little Rumba, on November 19th. Dug up by archaeologists working on the Welsh border, this band serves up very accomplished (and humorously delivered) songs flavoured with sax, accordion, guitar, mandolin and fiddle with rhythms that should get you dancing by the bar. We’ve seen them and we know they’re a great act!

Into 2018, and we start to get some more gritty Blues acts playing for us, starting on 19th Jan with the True Strays. These guys are the former rhythm section for Sam Green, and they deliver boogie grooves that will insist you get up and dance! So, we are going to make sure there is space by the bar for you to do that thing!

February is likely to be a chilled month, so we’ve laid on some matching music.  On the 16th we’ve decided to treat you to a Medicine Show (hoping you don’t need it), mixed with some good time and jug band music from the Rumblestrutters who are travelling up from Swansea just for us. This is sheer indulgence from my point of view, so be prepared for off-key joining in on choruses from the old bullfrog…

On March 16th we’ve followed up Judy Crombie’s suggestion and booked Adam Sweet and his band. He’s a really talented guitarist who can play everything from ragtime and delta to rock, so let’s see what happens. We went to Upton to hear him play solo, and he was brilliant, so with the added rhythm section we’ll not only get the mellow solo stuff, but some that’s rockier, as well.

Nearer to the day we’ll post you more details with youtube links, but in the meantime it would be most appreciated if you would visit our facebook page. Make friends with us on there, please!

Hope to see you on October 20th.

October 20 JIGANTICS + SONS OF THE DELTA – Cajun flavoured folk rockery

November 17 LITTLE RUMBA – Eastern Europe meets Latin America

December 15 BROOKS WILLIAMS  – Virtuoso Americana guitarist

January 19 TRUE STRAYS – Blues fuelled rock and roll revivalists – Listen –

February 16 RUMBLESTRUTTERS – Hokum Medicine Show Jazz and Jug Band

March 16 ADAM SWEET BAND – Electric and acoustic blues and originals

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